May 18, 2012

Popular Model : Amelia Alfiani


No wonder Amelia never awkward when doing photo shoots with popular magz recently. Women born in Sukabumi, West Java, July 28, 1992 it even looks excited while posing by wearing lingerie.

Face of the woman who was familiarly called Amel it does look pretty, especially her very sensual shape and proportion. So no wonder, even though he was only 19 years old, has lots of sexy poses graced numerous magazine adult men in the country.

Narrated Amel, initially he had felt awkward when first photographed with sexy underwear. However, he admitted feeling gradually disappear by itself. "Right now familiar and not uncomfortable anymore," she said with a smile.

Although not a problem to look sexy, the eldest of three brothers still have limitations. She admitted to not want to if it was offered to pose nude, even with the lure of high pay.

"Just a lingerie and bikini, naked if I'm not brave, scared later circulated his picture everywhere," she explained.

The winner of Miss Danceberry For Him Magazine (FHM) Girl Next Door 2011 it was pleased when the predicate section attached to him. So, what body parts are judged to represent sensuality?

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