May 14, 2012

Popular Model : Baby Margaretha (Part 1 "Popular Magazine")

About :

Baby Margaretha full name, pretty girl from Bandung was often called Baby. In addition to working as a photo model and SPG, Baby also played in soap operas and films Indonesia. The last movie she starred "Pocong Mandi Goyang Pinggul".

Beautiful actress admits her zodiac sign Sagittarius are very pleased with the world of photography and singing. Baby Margaretha was pleased to read the book and her favorite TV programs is a Metro TV.

Although often look sexy and hot on the catwalk, Baby Margaretha said he did not want to accept the bed scene. "I'm most cuman to bikinis and lingerie that nude / naked dare not," says Baby.

Baby Margaretha was born in Bandung on April 1, 1984. At the age of 28 years, more and more baby pictures exist in the world model, and now began to bet in the Indonesian film industry.

How to photograph a model of this one, folks? interesting is not it, makes you not stop staring eyes looking for something that is hidden behind the beauty of the body of Baby Margaretha.

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